When looking for the most appropriate earrings that fit comfortably, knowing the earring back types is essential. This is crucial because you’ll want to be sure that you can put on the earrings after removing them quickly. In this post, we’ll walk you through all you must know about different earring backs and how to remove earrings.

Different earring backs types

1. Clip-on earrings

The clip-on earrings are the most commonly used and safe if you haven’t yet pierced your ears. They come with clips-on earring backs that work with the clip that are the lovely hinges that the clips connect to, which grab your earlobes while safely keeping the earring in place.

These clip-on earring backs are great for people who enjoy earrings, whether or not the ears are punctured. We all know that you’ve probably encountered some pretty cute clip-on earrings you wear, even with ears that are pierced. The only downside is that these earrings tend to be heavy and might also tug at your ears. Also, earrings can be painful.

They are also a great pair of earrings as they are always in place regardless of the amount you shift. These kinds of backs for earrings are the safest backs, even compared to traditional backs, and you don’t need to worry about your earrings falling out or being lost. They are also simple to wear. All you have to do is cut off from the back of your earrings to attach to your earlobe.


  • The backs of your clip earrings and earrings remain in place while wearing them.
  • These backs, as well as the earrings, will be perfect. Who loves earrings? However, you haven’t had your ears pierced.
  • The backs are very safe and will never lose their place.


  • These backs tend to be extremely heavy.
  • They’re not as good quality, and the covers could be better. They aren’t durable because they’re considered to be fashion jewelry.
  • The back of the earring can hurt your ears a little

2. Omega and French Clips

French clips French clip is the type of earring appropriate for those with pierced ears and even those with ears that aren’t pierced. The French Clips earring backs come with a clasp that can perfectly place the earlobe. The most significant thing is that French earrings backs are typically employed for earrings with gemstones and those that do not have gemstones. Therefore, they will ensure that the earrings are secured effectively, ensuring that you don’t lose the precious stone.

There’s a variety of French Clips for gemstone earrings. And however specific models have small screws that connect to the back of the earring. The earrings are the post that attaches to the top of the earring, and the clasp is fitted with a hole through which the post passes when you shut the clasp. To remove the earring, you’ll need to remove the earring part, leaving a hole that allows the post to go through, and then take the earrings off safely.


  • The backs of the earring are securely connected to the earrings, and you don’t have to be concerned about losing the earrings’ backs.
  • The back is sturdy, secure, and comfortable to wear.
  • The clip attached to the earrings will keep the earrings secure and safe.
  • It is suitable for most types of earrings.
  • The earrings are available in various sizes, and there’s something for everyone.


  • There are instances where the clip may be too small, and you could feel pain when you press the clasp.

3. Jumbo Earring Backs

The Jumbo Earring Backs are the most popular and ideal if you want an alternative that is simple to put on and remove. They will stay in place for a long time comfortably, and you won’t have to worry about them falling off. Be aware that the backs with large sizes look like discs, so when you wear your earlobes, they can flatten them and ensure that the earrings fit effortlessly and quickly.

These backs are also excellent as they can make your earrings. They are generally the most comfortable choice for those seeking a secure and comfortable earring. These backs are also available in various colors, and it is possible to choose earring backs that are compatible with the earrings you wear. To take these earring backings off, gently remove them from your earring posts.


  • They are incredibly comfortable.
  • The size of the item is large, which means they will be easily found if you drop them.
  • These backs go well with all kinds of earrings. You can put them on quickly.
  • The backs are comfortable against your ears and make the earrings look more elegant.


  • These backs won’t work with most earrings.
  • The backs of these are huge. If you have small ears, they could appear.

4. Hooks for Fishhooks as well as French Wires

Most likely, you own at the very least one pair of earrings that feature fishhooks as backs. The backs of earrings look similar to fish hooks and are typically paired with heavy earrings, specifically teardrop-shaped earrings. Due to the weight of the earrings and the shape of the fish-shaped hooks, the earrings will always stay put. Earring backs are made of a curved wire hook that effortlessly fits the ear. But, it doesn’t have any back, so you don’t require it as it’s usually sufficient to remain in its place. To get rid of the hook, you need to remove it from your ear gently.


  • The earrings will remain in place for as long as the hook is constructed of a long, sturdy wire.
  • The hooks for fish are simple to take off and to hold in their place.
  • The backs of the earrings on fishhooks can quickly help to hold heavier earrings.
  • Earrings with fishhooks are commonly used for the gorgeous jewelry options.


  • A lack of back could mean that you can lose your earrings in a matter of minutes.
  • They are usually heavier, so earrings’ backs may not be ideal for those with smaller ears.

5. Ball backs

These earring backs are great to wear and could be an element of the design of the earrings. The backs have been made in a manner that lets you display them from behind. You can put them on with different kinds of earrings. They are typically used in conjunction with other earrings like cartilage earrings, but you can use them in conjunction with regular earrings. You can slide them off or remove them if they’re screw type.


  • The earring backs are uniquely created.
  • They’re fantastic when you see them from behind.
  • They can be used in a variety of ways.
  • Keep earrings clean.
  • The screw-back design of the screw means they are secured.


  • The ball backs of these balls tend to be extremely difficult to locate.
  • They do not go well with all traditional earring styles.
  • Not the most relaxing backs.

6. Butterfly, push back postback, or friction earring-backs

They are among the most well-known styles of earring backs, and they’re the norm for backs. If you’re searching for the best earring backs, you’ll find these are the most popular type of backs. Butterfly or pushback earring backs are the most used options for essential stud earrings. They are named after their shape. Designed to look like butterflies. They are constructed of fine wire with a small hole in the middle of the ear, where the post passes through.

Ear wires are hooked wires made of precious metal without a back that passes through a pierced earlobe. They are also French wires, shepherd hooks, and fish hooks. They are typically used to drop and dangle earrings. This backing type’s weight ensures that the earring stays in place.

Due to the style of these backs, they offer an incredibly snug fit that holds their backs in the right place while making sure that earrings remain the same in the right place. The good thing is that you could lose the earrings over time if they are loose.

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8. Latches Backs, Snap Backs, Hinge, and Click-Top with notched postbacks


  • Numerous designs and options are offered.
  • Easy to find and easy to find.
  • They go well with the majority of types of earrings.
  • The backs are comfortable.


  • These backs aren’t the most secure alternative.
  • It is easy to lose.

7. Screw Backs

Another type of earring back you might enjoy is the screw back. It’s similar to pushbacks and is employed for all kinds of earrings. However, they are generally more expensive because they work effectively and make the earrings in a secure position. These screw back earrings have winding grooves that run alongside the posts, and it is possible to see the twist screws that can easily be turned between the posts. The screw is tight, so you don’t have to worry about your earrings falling or becoming loose.

To get rid of the earring backs, you screw them on to remove them. Unlike pushbacks, which need to be pushed into or out of the post, you need to remove the screw backs to take them away from the post.


  • They are suitable for all types of earrings.
  • They’re very comfortable.
  • These earrings provide a good level of security.
  • Securer than pushback earring backs.
  • They are a good match with various kinds of earrings.


  • There are safer and more secure alternatives out there.
  • It isn’t the easiest to put on or remove.


If you’re searching for earrings that are easy to remove and put on and hold the earrings in place, these are the top choices for earring backs types available for you.


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