The topic of catalyst manufacturing and the importance of catalysts isn’t all about efficiency and sustainability. There are lots of other benefits of using catalysts such as guaranteeing consistency in product quality, that make it worthwhile to team up with a catalyst manufacturer.

However, choosing the right catalyst manufacturing partner is not as simple as getting their details on the internet and getting started. It’s a process that should be guided by the following tips:

1. Determine the Trust Score of a Potential Partner

No one in their right mind will just search for a catalyst manufacturer online and call them without determining what their performance rating is like and other important details that determine whether they can be trusted. Therefore, your next step after deciding that you want to work with a manufacturing partner is looking for a partner you can trust.

Such partners should be industry-leading catalyst manufacturers like Applied Catalysts who have served a couple of clients and consistently delivered great results. The easiest way to find out whether you can trust a manufacturer is to look at their client testimonials and reviews. Other things you can do include checking their ratings on different platforms such as Google My Business, Better Business Bureau, Trustpilot, Glassdoor, and others.

2. Call the Manufacturer

Checking the manufacturer’s trust performance is just the start. Make sure to call the manufacturer with as many important queries as possible. See how well they handle you and determine their commitment to delivering satisfactory customer service, as that can give you an idea of the trajectory your relationship with them will take.

3. Make Sure They Meet Your Speed Requirements

One of the most important details of any project is how long it will take to complete. In this case, it’s important to ask the manufacturer how long it will take to deliver usable catalysts for your processes.

A top-rated manufacturing partner like Applied Catalysts has the technology and expertise to ensure they meet your timelines and will keep you updated throughout the project.

4. Pay Great Attention to Expertise and Experience

Speed alone isn’t an indication of good performance by a catalyst manufacturer. If you ask us, we’d rather you get high-quality catalysts from a manufacturer who takes a little bit longer to deliver, than get your catalysts delivered fast, bearing a substandard quality.

The catalyst manufacturing company that you work with should have deep know-how of catalyst manufacturing techniques and possess enough experience to deliver great results, regardless of the nature of your requirements.

5. Think About Scalability

Depending on the goals of your company and the field you are in, it may be necessary at one point to scale up your processes or change your recipe to fit certain commercial production needs. What’s more, some catalyst recipes are considerably complicated, such that what is done in the laboratory can’t be scaled up so simply to plant production.

You will need to work with a manufacturer who isn’t only effective at creating lab samples, but also making modifications and adapting the catalyst recipe to fit commercial production without impacting performance.

6. Pay Attention to Their R&D

Regardless of what you are looking for, catalyst manufacturing is a dynamic field that requires a lot of research and development to create the most effective solutions. The catalyst manufacturing partner that you choose to work with should have a solid research and development system, complemented by an innovation mindset. 

They should be open to new ideas and processes, especially if such processes revolve around sustainability. The R&D capabilities of a manufacturing partner are especially important if you want catalysts that will be specific to you. That’s because it will be a long journey from creating a concept to manufacturing a real-life product, and then improving it in iterations.

Produce Catalysts the Right Way With Applied Catalysts

Catalysts are an essential input with lots of benefits in various industries, but if you fail to team up with the right manufacturing partner, you limit your chances of enjoying the benefits of catalyzed processes. If you’ve been wondering where to source your catalysts for the best performance and process results, Applied Catalysts is the right answer.

Thanks to a mentality of setting industrial standards rather than meeting them, you are sure you are working with a capable team that is committed to helping you achieve your vision.

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