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Perth is the capital city of Western Australia and is located on the Swan Coastal Plain. It is Australia’s fourth most populous city, with a population of around 2 million. Perth is an excellent option for international students because of its beautiful beaches and stunning waterways.

Studying in the city has become increasingly popular with students worldwide.

In addition, Perth is home to several outstanding shopping, recreation, library centers, beaches, nature parks, festivals, and other activities. With more sunlight than any other Australian capital, Perth is the perfect place for combining studying with your favorite hobbies. Organizing your finances and budget while in Perth is crucial to make the most of your time there. This guide is all about Perth living costs in detail.

Factors affecting the Perth living cost

Cost of transportation in Perth

Among the various types of public transport in Perth are trains, trams, ferries, and buses. If you purchase a Smart Rider card, you can use all modes of transportation and save money on fares; you need to ensure that you tap the reader when you board or leave.

To calculate fare costs, you must consider how many zones you travel between and within. If you purchase a cash ticket, you will have to pay a higher fare than if you pay with a Smart Rider card, and you will have to complete your journey before an expiration time is printed on it.

Cost of Mobile and Internet bills in Perth

Mobile and Internet charges make up a large portion of the Cost Of Living in Perth. For staying in touch with family and friends back home, it’s convenient to have a sim card that can make phone calls and connect to personal Wi-Fi. For your phone and internet expenses, you should budget between AUD 20 and $55 per week.

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For mobile sim cards, you have the option of choosing from Optus, Telstra, and Vodafone, for internet services, you have the option of choosing from iiNet, TPG, and Dodo. Sharing bills and living in a communal house can significantly reduce broadband charges.

Cost of education in Perth

Care and education costs are a significant portion of your budget when you have a family. It affects how much you can spend on entertainment, car expenses, and occasionally treating yourself. Before government subsidies, Perth’s daily child care costs average $149 per day for babies and toddlers and $147 for kindergarten children.

For primary and secondary school, tuition fees are not charged; however, you may be required to pay subject fees, device costs, camps, and excursions. While your child is there, their activities will largely determine how much time they spend there.

Depending on the school’s business model, private school tuition costs vary from $2,000 to $50,000 per year. However, the cost of private school tuition varies yearly based on the school.

Cost of utilities in Perth

Among Australia’s largest cities, Perth is one of the most expensive for utilities (electricity, heating, and cooling). As a result of Perth’s mild climate and abundant rainfall these factors contribute to its popularity. In an apartment, a family’s monthly electricity bill averages around a$188.

A home will cost a$153 per month, slightly lower than a condo. A high percentage of apartments have air conditioning, which also makes heating and cooling costs high.

Further, you may need to contribute more than 10% of your income to the internet, phone, and other charges.

Cost of food in Perth

Perth’s rich food culture is a must-experience if you want to experience everything the city offers. In addition to many fantastic restaurants, cafes, bars, and hole-in-the-wall eateries that serve delicious food, several affordable options are also available.

Australia pays waiters and servers a livable minimum wage, which is essential to remember. It does mean that you might have to pay a little bit more for your sandwich or salad, but it also means that the staff is being paid fairly. The tipping culture in Australia is different from other countries you have visited, such as the United States. There is no need to tip, although you may be asked if you want to.

The average cost of a breakfast in a cafe in Perth is $15, but if you want freshly blended juice or coffee, budget a little extra. Considering the country’s reputation for coffee and fresh fruits and vegetables, it is certain that you can find high-quality beverages at reasonable prices in Australia. For lunch, you’ll probably need to spend about $16. The dinner cost might be a little higher at around $25 per person.

Cost of housing in Perth

Perth is one of the most expensive cities in the world, so buying a house will be a major expense. One-bedroom apartments in the City Centre typically cost around $1700 a month, while one-bedroom apartments outside the City Centre cost about $1300 a month. Meanwhile, the average monthly rent for a 3-bedroom apartment in the City Centre is around $2,700.

The cost of a square meter unit inside the City Centre will be about $6,000, while the cost outside the City Centre will be about $4,200.

Cost of entertainment in Perth

Fringe World Festival, Perth International Film Festival, and Perth Writers Festival are among the many festivals hosted by the city throughout the year.

As well as Fremantle Markets and Rottnest Island, Perth has many attractions. Kings Park and Botanic Garden is the main attraction, which features kangaroos and emus among its many plants and animals.

 In addition, many museums in Perth provide visitors with an insight into our city during different periods of history, such as the Fremantle Prison Museum, the Western Australian Maritime Museum, and the Perth Mint Museum.

Ticket prices for movies in Perth are around $20 per person, and clubs charge a nominal fee of $10.

The average salary in Perth

Because Perth has so much to offer, living expenses are comparable to the local market share and the quality of life you desire, so you can expect average wages to match the cost of living in the city. It is estimated that the weekly average wage in Western Australia is around $1,937.30, but you will get good value for your money.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Does Perth require a lot of money to live comfortably?

Without rent, the estimated monthly expenses for a family of four are 3,234 dollars (4,799 Australian dollars). It is estimated that a single person would need to spend 901 dollars (1,336 Australian dollars) a month without rent. There is a 27.60% difference in price between Perth and New York (without rent). Compared to New York, Perth rents are 66.82% cheaper.

How cheap is it to live in Perth, Australia?

Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Adelaide were ranked as the most affordable major cities in Australia. Household goods and services have become more affordable over the last two years.

Moving to Perth, is it worth it?

Affordability Is A Benefit Of Living In Perth. In its annual report, it provides an overview of the cost of living around the world. Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, and Hobart have declined in the last few years compared to Perth.