Increasing numbers of people are playing Minecraft every year, and the virtual sandbox is gaining popularity. Every time you play, there’s something new to discover and experience, whether you’re a returning fan or an entirely new player.

It has been around for so long that many players haven’t even touched it yet, since it is constantly updated. You may wonder exactly what the Heart of the Sea does when you come across one of these items. This guide is all about Minecraft heart of the sea with all necessary facts.

What is Minecraft heart of the sea?

The Heart of the Sea is a rare and valuable item found in the popular sandbox video game Minecraft. This item was first introduced in the 1.13 Update Aquatic. It can only be found in treasure chests that are buried underwater. The Heart of the Sea is primarily used to craft a Conduit. This powerful underwater structure grants players a range of beneficial effects. Players need to surround the Heart of the Sea to create a Conduit with Nautilus Shells on a crafting table. The resulting Conduit can be placed underwater to provide players with useful effects such as increased swimming speed, better vision, and the ability to breathe underwater.

In addition to its use in crafting Conduits, the Heart of the Sea can also be traded with a Villager for a substantial amount of emeralds. It makes it a highly desirable item for players looking to trade with villagers and acquire valuable resources. The Heart of the Sea has a unique texture and can be easily distinguished from other items found in Minecraft. Its rarity and usefulness make it a highly sought-after item among game players.

With the aquatic update, one of the items was added called Heart of the Sea. When held in the hand, it appears to be a blue orb. Players are granted special abilities in water due to its mysterious powers.

Neither it can be placed nor used for anything other than the conduit crafting recipe. Those who wish to build an underwater base can find the conduit an essential piece of equipment. By using conduits, underwater bases could be navigated much more quickly.

What is the method for obtaining the Minecraft heart of the sea?

Rare treasures, including the heart of the sea, can only be found as buried treasures. For players to find the buried treasure, they must discover a wreck or ocean ruins to obtain a buried treasure map. The map will lead them to the treasure location. The red X on a treasure map denotes where the buried treasure can be found and the heart of the sea.

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The closest shipwreck or ocean ruin, sometimes even buried treasure, can be located by feeding a raw dolphin cod or raw salmon to players who struggle to locate both.

Due to the fact that friendly dolphins follow chests rather than structures, they will always point players to a treasure chest when they come across it. Players can collect buried treasure maps or find buried treasure directly if they break the chest they were led to by the dolphin.

Beaches are a common location for buried treasure, but they can also be found elsewhere beneath the ocean’s surface. As players need to dig for treasure underwater while breathing underwater, they should use an underwater breathing aid to avoid drowning when searching for buried treasure.

Uses of Minecraft heart of the sea

If players want to start their treasure hunt in Minecraft by searching for an ocean ruin or underwater shipwreck, they may want to go there. There are often treasure maps buried inside these structures.

If they need assistance finding a map or buried treasure, they can also ask dolphins for assistance. The trust level of a dolphin will increase when it is fed raw cod or salmon. After swimming to a nearby underwater structure or even a treasure itself, the dolphin will come back to the surface.

By arranging the Heart of the Sea on a crafting table and surrounding it with eight nautilus shells, it is possible to construct a conduit.

The conduits need to be encased in an activation frame. As soon as they become operational, they can be used to explore underwater locations.

In addition to providing Water Breathing, Night Vision, and Haste, Conduit Power also provides the ability to move faster. In addition, it activates in a defined area for any player who comes into contact with water.

A significant advantage of conduits in Minecraft is that they can damage hostile underwater mobs. A conduit will damage any mob that comes within eight blocks of it until they move out of range, such as Drowned or guardians. The versatility of conduits makes them an excellent tool for exploring and removing dangerous underwater structures such as ocean monuments and underwater ruins.

You may need to work harder in Minecraft to find Hearts of the Sea, but they’re well worth it.

What is the process of crafting a conduit in Minecraft?

With conduit, players are protected against underwater and powerful status effects mobs, which have a beacon-like effect. Additionally to being within the conduit’s range, players in contact with rain or water will also benefit from its powerful effects. In addition to improving mining speed underwater, oxygen restoration, and night vision underwater, the effect positively impacts players’ performance.

An eight-nautilus shell and a Heart of the Sea must be combined to create this conduit. By contrast, shells can be obtained from fishing treasured items. A shell can also be purchased for five emeralds from trade wandering.

It is essential that this conduit is mounted at the center of a 3x3x3 radius of water and that it be framed appropriately for activation. There are three types of source blocks: water, flowing water, and dripping water. To activate sea lanterns, dark prismarine, prismarine bricks, prismarine, and prismarine blocks must only be used.

It takes almost 16 blocks to create conduit power effects with a minimum projection range of almost 32 blocks. It takes almost 16 blocks to extend the conduit radius by seven additional blocks to the frame. There is a maximum range of 96 blocks for a conduit and a frame of 42.


It is considered one of the most rare treasure items in Minecraft to find the Heart of the Sea. The Heart of the Sea was added to the game with the Aquatic update.

The oceans and seas were only fascinating after the 1.13 aquatic update. Mojang revamped the oceans in Minecraft with new biomes, mobs, and oceanic biomes. Hearts of the Sea are non-craftable items that players must find.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How can the heart of the sea be used in Minecraft?

Minecraft’s “Heart of the Sea” can be found in Buried Treasure chests and is a rare and mysterious object. Conduit Power is a Minecraft utility block that provides a beacon-like effect when you create a Conduit with this orb.

In the Heart of the Sea: what is the truth?

Despite being based on true events, In The Heart of the Sea has the same creepy effect on screen as it did in real life. Following a two-and-a-half-year voyage from Nantucket, the Essex whaling ship was sunk by a sperm whale shortly after launching.

In Minecraft, how does one activate the heart of the sea?

A shipwreck or ocean ruins must be found for players to acquire a buried treasure map, which guides them to the location of the buried treasure. If the player goes to the red X on the buried treasure map, they will find the heart of the sea and buried treasure.

Does the Heart of the Sea have a high rate of cannibalism?

The men had to resort to cannibalism over three months at sea to survive. Captain Pollard and Charles Rams dell discovered that they were gnawing on their shipmates’ bones in the same boat. The stories of Owen Chase, Lawrence, and Nickerson are also valid. In total, seven sailors lost their lives due to injuries.